“If there is something you cannot do better, cheaper and better than our competitors, there is no point in doing it. We should hire to do the work of someone who does it better ” – Henry Ford.

Today, the constructor does not have to be located in one building together with the production floor . He or she are very often in other places in the same country and even in the world . Due to today’s communication technologies, it is not particularly important.

All you need is the right tools and techniques . Modern software design enables the execution of the project , analysis and technical documentation and later sending it to the end of the world . STOSFE’ s design and technological office offers the OUTSOURCING – that will save you and your company time and money.


outsourcing (1)

The main reasons why companies decide to outsource:

  • access to talent,
  • lower costs,
  • delegation of tasks that are not the main area of activity to the specialists,
  • increase the flexibility of the business model,
  • improving relationships with customers,
  • developing new products and services.