The offer is directed for:

  • production companies which have their own design and technical offices- as a form of a support in the field of implementation of the projects,
  • production companies without their own design or technical offices,
  • companies from different branches of industry, which need their own new and/or reconstructive technical and technological documentation,
  • private persons who aro looking for a contractor for the realisation of individual ideas in their surroundings,
  • People who can not find a product suitable to their requirements in the modern market.

The range of our possibilities

Solid design

  • design products of wood and wood-based materials,
  • design construction’s solutions and mechanisms,
  • design products of metal, glass , plexiglass and other plastics,
  • designing of devices supporting and optimizing production for unit and for large series,
  • design of welded constructions,
  • designing parts and assemblies,
  • design elements of mechanics, machinery , pneumatic systems.

Documentation: technical, technological, rendering

  • creation of visualization of products (3D rendering and solid),
  • implementation of the technical documentation of the product,
  • execution of technological documentation of the product,
  • conversion of 2D documentation from flat to three-dimensional drawing,
  • conversion of documentation from paper version to DXF ,DWG ,PDF, PDF 3D or any other format,
  • welded structures – numbering and marking the length of the welds,
  • modeling of bent sheet metal and unfolding them on a flat surface,
  • arranging elements in the development of metal sheets,
  • others- not mentioned above.

Other possibilities

  • preparation of an estimation of the product for unit production and mass production,
  • preparation of layouts of the production halls and the production/working areas,
  • static analysis of parts, assemblies, welded parts, sheet metal,
  • matching of programs to be used in dryers for wood, methods of coating and impregnation of wood,
  • technical consulting in the field of sawmilling, wood processing selection of machines and tools,
  • Technical consulting in the field of furniture, surface finish, selection of machines and tools, selection of ferrules.

We invite you to cooperation

We invite you to cooperate with our company. Our experience ensures that we always treated the projects with full commitment and professionalism. With the principles that guide us in the daily work, the satisfied group of customers is constantly growing.

If you are interested or have any questions or concerns please fill out the contact form or by telephone. We are pleased to provide you with all the information concerning our offer.