Design works and technical consulting

Design works and technical consulting

Design work:


  • comprehensive machine design: mechanics, pneumatic and hydraulic installations, as well as safety and control systems, CE
  • marking, designing structural solutions and mechanics,
  • design of welded structures,
    designing industrial installations and production lines,
  • designing devices supporting and optimizing unit and multi-series production,
  • static analysis of: individual parts, assemblies, welded structures, sheets,
    Creation of new instrumentation and modernization of the currently used
    Designing new devices, machines, conveyors or manipulators to replace or improve human work
    Automation of individual production and warehouse processes
    Introducing changes to the settings of technological lines – creating the layout of the halls and production and logistics space
    preparation of technical
  • documentation of the product based on the provided pattern or presented assumptions

Technical consultancy:

  • We carry out inspections of the technical condition and functionality of machines in the client’s company. Based on the existing condition and the customer’s guidelines, we present concepts of changes, based both on the modernization of existing machines as well as replacing them with new machines designed according to individual customer requirements.
  • We analyze the existing production processes and propose their optimization aimed at increasing efficiency by introducing solutions consisting, among others, in:
  • We conduct inspections of machines in terms of safety and compliance with the Machinery Directive. We present a comprehensive modernization plan involving, inter alia, changes in the field of mechanics, automation and control (CE marking).
  • We prepare product cost estimates for unit and serial production.
  • We develop production technologies and select machines and devices.